YouTubers Vs Tiktokers | Elvis Yadav, CarryMinati New Video On TikTok | Full Drama Explained

YouTubers Vs Tiktokers | Elvis Yadav, CarryMinati Reply!! | Full Drama Explained

YouTubers VS TikTokers

You know that every roasting youtube community troll TikTok and Tiktokers like, carry minati, slayypoiny, angry prash, etc. Similarly some days ago a popular Youtuber Elvis Yadav uploaded a roasting video of Tiktok in his second channel Elvish Yadav Vlogs. in this video, he roasted many big and popular Riktokers including Revolver Rani who has over 5.1 Million followers. She was offended by Elvis video and he gave the reply to him on Instagram. She didn't mention him but indirectly she was talking about him.

Revolver Rani told in her Instagram story, "Tiktok and youtube are different platforms, just like UPSC or IIT. UPSC is different than IIT you don't compare both of these with each other. You shouldn't forget that making videos on Tiktok is to easy."

After this, Lakshay Chaudhary gave a response to Revolver Rani. Amir Siddiqui who is a huge tiktoker made a video regarding this topic which was supported by Aashika Bhatia and many other big tiktokers.

Amir Siddiqui who has been raising fight against the youtube community. As the most used word on his video cringe which is said by youtube creators for TikTok users for making cringe content.

Amir Siddiqui also said they are roasting tiktokers for making their fanbase and to earn money where YouTubers answered that we had fan-based already and also complains that why they are not getting blue ticks on Instagram. Amir Siddiqui said that we have more Instagram engagement followers and we all tiktokers will takeover youtube from roaster hand.

So, After my YouTubers Vs TikTokers video, many YouTubers gave a reply to Amir Siddiqui including Lakshay Chaudhary, Saiman Says, BBJ, Oye Velle and Flying Beast. After that Amir Siddiqui responded to these roast videos and Elvish Yadav to which Elvish Yadav and Lakshay Chaudhary gave a reply.

After Elvish Yadav replied to Amir Siddiqui, Adnaan 07 gave a reply to YouTubers in his live session and Amir Siddiqui also came live and talked about many other things. Even Mr. Faisu 07 gave his opinion towards this "YouTube Vs Tik Tok" drama.

Later, CarryMinati might have also given an indirect reply to Tik Tokers. CarryMinati tweeted on his tweeter account that, "Ghodo ki race mein ghade bhee dodenge bohot sahi."

Many people gave the reply to CarryMinati to make roasting video on Tiktok. After that Lakshay Chaudhary posted some stories on his Instagram account regarding this. He said that "So these chhikchhokers were saying that-kuch roaster kharab hai, jo Hume galiya de rhe hai, Talentless bol the hai vrna baki to sb ache hai! Matlab ye log aisa bloke 'CarryMinati' ko point kr rate the ki two acha hai two below the belt ni kata, or aisa bolne see two roast Bhi nahi bnayega. Well, my Bois See Next Story." (Next Story is CarryMinati's Tweet.)

Today CarryMinati uploaded some story regarding his new video on TikTok roast. So what's your opinion about this TikTokers Vs YouTubers? Tell us in the comment section.

Reference: Neon Man- YouTube Channel