Logic Behind 9 Baje 9 Minute?

Logic Behind 9 Baje 9 Minute?

Why do you have to light a lamp for 9 minutes tonight at 9 o'clock?

5 April 9 PM 9 Minutes: Why did Prime Minister Narendra Modi choose to donate lamp on Sunday, April 5, in the battle with Coronavirus? If seen on the basis of numerology, it is a very important and important subject. According to numerology, the lord of 5 digits is Mercury.

Mercury is the causative planet of the throat, lungs and mouth. Currently, the worldwide epidemic of the corona is targeting the human face, lungs, and throat. Mercury is the prince of the planets and also the ruler of the current Samvat 2077. So 5 April is also favorable from this point of view.

Millions of lamps will force the Sun

Sunday is the day of the Sun. The Sun is the ruler of the Navagraha. All planets are affected by solar energy. The Sun is the symbol of lamp or light, so on 9 April from 9 pm to 9 minutes, millions of lit lamps will give strength to the Sun during the Yamaghant period.

Moon will be bound for nectar-rain

Nine is the symbol of Mars. Being the commander of the solar system, Mars will help the sun in destroying the epidemic darkness. 

Nocturnal or dark is the symbol of Saturn and Saturn is away from the Sun i.e. dark light. So, on Sunday, April 5, which is the date near the full moon, on that day, for the strengthening of the moon, turning off all the light and donating the lamp will force the moon to nectar-rain.

Meaningful attempt to awaken the Sun

Choghadiya (Muhurta) will remain of nectar. Hora will also belong to the Sun at that time. Therefore, this lamp donation process will make a meaningful effort to awaken the Sun, the source of energy, even in Saturn. 

On 9/9, Mars and the Sun will be together, which will be able to destroy the virus caused disease going towards Aries. Therefore, from this point of view, lamp donation is also necessary for the positivity of Sun-Mars.

Will resolve to destroy the darkness of the Saturn-Rahu (corona epidemic) by Mercury, Sun, Moon, and Mars during his reign. The current Pramadi name Samvat-2077 is headed by Mercury, Minister-Moon, Defense Minister Mangal and Flesh (Fruit) Surya. In such a situation, a lamp will help remove darkness like Korana.