Is It Normal To Hear Voices Calling Your Name?

Is It Normal To Hear Voices Calling Your Name?

Some people hear voices talking when no-one is around, is it normal or abnormal?

These might be just like the voices of people they know or complete strangers. They could hear several voices, or just one. Voices can shout, whisper, and be clear or muffled.

Is it a sign of a healthy mind!!!

It depends wherever you hear the voice and only you'll be able to tell. If you're hearing the voice originate inside your head then you're pretty normal. Generally, as we predict then our thoughts cross with different information in your brains and this could lead to the brain attempting to form a sense of that mixed thought by outputting the closest thing that creates sense.

If you're hearing it originate outside yourself then you would possibly want to consider seeing your doctor or psychiatrist. If it happens once or twice it ought to be fine. If it happens a lot it permits you to not be normal then seek help. This would possibly mean that a part of your mind is acting out on its own accord due to something like serious emotional stress.

Lots of different ways we all hear voices:

• hear your name known as when there's nobody with you
• hear or see things as you're falling asleep
• experience the voices as being in your head
• feel voices are returning from outside and heard through your ears like different sounds
• experience nasty or threatening voices that tell you to attempt too  dangerous and unacceptable things or try to control you
• hear a voice that feels friendly, however, encourages you to try and do things that may not be sensible for you
• hear more than one voice and that they could speak or argue with one another.

Why people hear voices:

• Trauma or adverse life experiences: - you will hear voices as results of different traumas, which may be related to post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative disorders.
• Spiritual experiences: - some people hear a voice as a part of a religious experience. this could be an awfully special experience and one you to create feel helps you create a sense of your life
• Biochemical:- you will hear things when taking recreational drugs or as a side effect of some prescription drug
• Emotional distress: - you will hear voices while feeling terribly stressed, anxious or troubled.
• Physical health problems:- if you have got a hot temperature and are delirious you will hear voices or see and say strange things
Sleep problem:- it causes you to listen to voices or produce other sensory experiences that you simply cannot justify in everyday ways

Other few reasons why we have a tendency to hear voices: -
  •  Dissociation
  •  Cognitive error (misattribution of ‘internal speech’)
  •  Individual difference
  •  Abuse or bullying
  •  Bereavement
  •  Paranormal experiences
  •  Hunger