Diddle | An App Which Pays You For Creating Memes

Diddle | An App Which Pays You For Creating Memes

The best thing about Diddle is that the users get rewards through memes.

The best way to relieve stress in today’s time is maybe memes. Yes, you read that right. Right from school kids to teenagers to adults, memes have made way for everyone depending on people's age. Well, some people wish to scroll through memes while some prefer to create them.

There’s some good news for the ones who make memes. Diddle, an app that is gaining a lot of growth since the last few months. The best thing about it's you get paid for creating some fun stuff on social media.

The viral memes like Bolna Aunty Aau Kya, Kamlesh, Deepak Kalal, JCB and Mature Guy, and recently the Lagan Pal (Paragliding Guy) trends were started from this page and app.


Diddle has so many features as b\mentioned below:
- Make your status or text memes
- Create your own memes
- Create memes using so many default templates
- Huge collection of stickers for all type of memes
- Add text, stickers, images, colors, etc. to create memes
- Post memes with description and also some tags. So, user can find your posts according to the tags
- Follow/Unfollow other users to see/hide their posts
- Block/Unblock users if required
- See you following's posts in home page
- See what's trending nowadays in the trending section
- See notifications if someone starts following you, upvotes/downvotes your post in the notification section
- See your uploaded posts in the profile section. Also see your total upvotes/downvotes, your followers and your followings user list.
- Give upvote or downvote to any posts
- Double-tap to upvote post with an interesting animation
- Comment on other posts. Also, give an upvote to the comments of others.
- Share post directly to any diddle user
- Share a post in other social media also
- Copy post image URL
- Report post if you found it abusing or sexual
- User may get permanently blocked if he/she uploaded unusual contents
- Chat with your friends, family or neighbors
- Send stickers, images or post to any diddle users easily
- See your points in my points page
- Points will be increased as you use diddle more and more and it can also be decreased if you're getting too many downvotes or even if you get blocked by someone
- Points can be used to get the reward as real money
- Settings page to change your profile
- Tags are shown on the slide drawer. you can see posts according to the tags
- Send feedback if you want some changes in diddle even if you found any bugs
- See privacy policy of diddle
- See about us to know more about diddle and our company
- Emails of developer and designer are also available in about us section
- Rate us on google play store from the navigation drawer

And the very last and most important thing, all the chats are fully encrypted no one can read the messages. Because your privacy is our responsibility.

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