Joker 2 Officially Confirmed | Some Updates That You Don't Know

Joker 2 Officially Confirmed | Some Updates That You Don't Know

Joker 2 might hit theatres somewhere around October 2021.

The incredibly popular 2019 film Joker was released as a fantastic fantasy for viewers and critics alike. Do I still have to start with the impressive series of comments and fanaticism that follow after the film’s release?

There is no doubt that Joaquin Phoenix won an OSCAR for the Joker. Plus, his impressive speech that broke the internet, oh boy!

The joker’s story is like a man, obscene and detested, crawls slowly into hysteria. This, in turn, turns him into an A1 criminal in Gotham City.

What information we have about the storyline?

Directed by Todd Philips, the Joker maintains a disguise and constantly changes between 2 personalities.

His dark, born gaze, his conclusions about life in general, and his apathetic reaction to death-defying accidents are truly majestic.

A tribute to the drama thriller of the 70s of the same name, the Joker manages to reach its climax, gaining a million viewers and a huge fan base worldwide!

The upcoming sequel:

Director Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix hit the iconic sequel multiple times. Having initially decided to keep the Joker, an agreement eventually decided that a sequel would likely do justice.

We see at the end of the film that Bruce and Martha Wayne are apparently dead. In it, many fans speculated that this meant Batman’s permanent return to the film.

However, production confirmed that a separate Batman movie is expected to hit theatres by 2021. Philips and Phoenix have also confirmed that the new Joker movie will have a storyline and story, completely different from the one that broke all records! We haven’t gotten our hands on a possible release date yet, but we definitely know it’s a sequel!

As of now, it is not clear when Joker 2 will go into production and when will it release as there is no official statement from WB. However, insider reports suggest that Joker 2 might hit theatres somewhere around October 2021.

In the first movie, Joker did everything on his own, however, it is believed that in upcoming he will hire people and make a gang to conduct his mischievous tasks. It will be interesting to see how carries out his plan and creates havoc in the city of Gotham.