The World Will End In 2060 According To Isaac Newton

The World Will End In 2060 According To Isaac Newton

In 1704, Newton wrote that man's time must come to an end. 

When any pestilence begins in the world, there will be the talk of doom and destruction. The prophecies of Nostradamus in France are famous but were also foretold by Britain's greatest scientist Isaac Newton. Newton, who gave the speed formula, wrote in the first note 1704 about the destruction of the earth. After Newton's death in the year 1727, the letters were found in his home.

According to The Newton Papers, Newton wrote more than 10,000 notes and letters in his life. All of these documents were arranged in the year 1800, after ten years of hard work by bringing Newton's obituary notes to Cambridge.

Mention in hundreds of notes received from home after Newton died.

The World Will End In 2060 According To Isaac Newton

New York's letter was auctioned by John Maynard Keynes, the economist of England. Finally, a scholar named the Secret of Newton wrote the book in a volume that still exists today at the University of Jerusalem. Newton writes that it is his fault if a man thinks he is meant to be permanent. That too is about to expire, especially when the man stops believing in religion.

Newton calculated the destruction half the time from a book called Talk. The answer that Newt received from special calculations was 1.5 years and 3 days. Then by scientific calculations, Newton turned the number 7 into a year instead of days. Finally calculated the year of the destruction of the world.

Newton also had to ask what criteria he would not have to accept for1260 years. For this reason, by denoting year 800 as a criterion, it was argued that there was a religious revolution in Rome before 800 BC and that the king of Rome, Charlemagne, replaced the pope under his rule. Thus, he has considered 2060 as the year of the end of the world. Even if this year does not end, the beginning of the Holocaust will begin from the year 2060.