PM Narendra Modi Address To Nation On Coronavirus

PM Narendra Modi Address To Nation On Coronavirus

PM Narendra Modi appealed for a Public Curfew on March 22.

PM Narendra Modi addressed the countrymen today on the efforts being made to fight the coronavirus. Appealing to the people to be vigilant, they have demanded a Janata curfew. The PM has appealed for a public curfew on Sunday, March 22 from 7 am to 9 pm.

The country is going through a difficult period due to Coronavirus. Prime Minister Modi addressed the countrymen on Thursday night because of the danger of this global epidemic. He has appealed to people for social distancing. The Prime Minister has appealed to the countrymen to ban as many of them as possible. He has appealed for the Janata curfew on Sunday, that is, the public should try to isolate themselves like it happens in curfew.

PM Modi Speech on Coronavirus

Dear countrymen,
The whole world is going through a very serious phase of crisis at this time. Generally, whenever a natural crisis occurs, it is limited to a few states or countries. But this time it is such a crisis, which has put the entire human race in crisis all over the world. When the First World War took place, when the Second World War took place, so many countries were not affected by the war, as today, due to corona disease.

For the last 2 months, we have been watching and listening to the worrying news related to the coronavirus coming from all over the world. In these two months, 130 crore citizens of India fought against the global epidemic like Corona. Everyone has tried their best to take precautions. But for the past few days, it seems like the atmosphere is coming that we will be saved from the crisis. This feeling of being relaxed is not right. Therefore, it is very important for every Indian to be alert, to be consistent.

Whenever and whatever I have asked you, the countrymen have not disappointed. It is the value of your blessing that together we are moving towards our set goals. Today we have come to ask for something from 130 crore countrymen. I want some weeks from you, some time to come.

So far science has not been able to suggest any definite measures to avoid the corona epidemic, nor has there been any vaccine. In such a situation, it is very natural for everyone to be worried. In the countries of the world in which the coronavirus and its effects are being seen more, there is another point in the study. In these countries, after the initial few days, a sudden explosion of the disease has occurred. In these countries, the number of infected has increased very rapidly. The Indian government is closely monitoring the track record of the spread of this global epidemic. However, some countries have taken the necessary decisions and handled the situation by isolating their people more and more.

In countries like India with a population of 130 crores, a country that is prone to development, this corona crisis is not common. Today, when we are witnessing the widespread impact of this global epidemic in big and developed countries, it is wrong to believe that it will not have any effect on India. So 2 things are very important to counter it. First resolution and second restraint.

Today 130 crore countrymen will have to make their determination and firm that we will perform our duties as citizens. Willfully comply with the guidelines of the Central and State Governments. We have to take a pledge that we will avoid getting infected and save others from getting infected. We are a healthy, healthy world In such a situation when there is no medicine for this disease, it is most important to keep ourselves healthy.

The second imperative to avoid this disease is moderation. What is the mode of restraint - Avoiding the crowd, Social distancing? It is very necessary and effective. Our determination and restraint are going to play a huge role in reducing the impact of this global epidemic.

So if you feel that you are fine, nothing will happen to you, then you will roam in the same market and avoid Corona, then this is not thinking. By doing this you will do injustice to yourself and your family. Therefore, I urge all the countrymen to leave their homes only when it is very important for the next few weeks. As much as possible, you can do your work from your home. Those who are in government services, are connected with hospitals, are public representatives, are connected with the media, their activism is necessary but the remaining people should isolate themselves. Those in our family, who are more than 60-65 years of age, do not leave the house for the next few weeks. I am repeating this.

Maybe the present generation will not be familiar with some old things. When we were small and when there was a war situation, every village was a blackout. Paper was also applied to the glass. The light was kept off. Used to do garrison all night. Even if there was no war, the administration used to drill it twice a year. That is why I am seeking one more support from every countryman today. This is a public curfew.

Janata curfew means curfew imposed by the public on its own, for the public. After this Sunday i.e. 2 days, on March 22 from 7 am to 9 pm, all the countrymen have to follow the Janata curfew. During this Janata curfew, no citizen should come out of the house, nor go on the road, nor should he gather in the locality. Yes, those who are connected with the necessary tasks, they will have to get out. But as a citizen neither we go nor we go to see.

Our efforts on March 22, our self-determination will be a strong symbol of determination to perform duty in the interest of the country. The success of the Janata curfew on 22 March, its experience will prepare us for the challenges to come. I will also urge all the state governments to lead the people to follow the curfew.

There are many organizations in our country, religious, social, sports... Most of all I would request that from now till Sunday, the message of this public curfew should be conveyed to the people and make people aware. You can also call 10 new people every day and convince them about public curfew. My dear countrymen, this public curfew will be a test for us. This is also the time to test and see how ready India is for the fight against the coronavirus.

During your efforts, I want another cooperation from you on March 22 on the day of Janata curfew. Friends, For the last 2 months, lakhs of people have been working day and night in hospitals, offices, streets. Be it doctors, nurses, hospital staff, airlines, government employees, policemen, media workers, people connected with railways, buses, auto facilities, home delivery people - these people don't care While engaged in serving others.

These services cannot be called normal. They take the risk of getting infected but are doing their duty. They stand as the Corona epidemic and a force in our midst, like a national guard. The country is grateful to all such big and small individuals and organizations. I would like to thank all such people on Sunday, March 22. And the way of giving thanks can also add one person to each of the countries.

On Sunday, that is, on the day of Janata curfew, at 5 o'clock in the evening, we should express such gratitude by standing at the doors of our house or in the windows, balconies for 5 minutes. And how will we express our gratitude- We express our gratitude to them by clapping, playing the thali, ringing the bell. I also urge the local administration of the entire country to convey information about this by playing a siren at 5 pm on 22 March. We should express our feelings with full reverence for such countrymen who follow our rites of Seva Parmo religion.