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Neha Dhupia Gets Brutally Trolled For Blasting an MTV Roadies Contestant

Neha Dhupia trolled for blasting an MTV Roadies contestant over slapping his girlfriend but defending the latter over cheating.

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia is often in the headlines due to her look. Apart from this, Neha Dhupia is counted in Bollywood's impeccable actress. Neha Dhupia is currently seen on MTV Roadies. Neha Dhupia gives much advice to the contestants here, and sometimes they get very angry with the contestants.

Neha Dhupia has become very angry with the contestants at Roadies. Neha Dhupia's fans have become quite angry with this behavior. This behavior of Neha Dhupia is getting a lot of criticism on social media. Actually, the Contestant had told the judge Neha Dhupia of an anecdote show related to his girlfriend. The contestant told that his girlfriend had an affair with five people besides him.

Contestant told that he called his girlfriend and all five of his boyfriends were also called there. In front of them, he slapped his girlfriend's force. Neha Dhupia after hearing this story said, 'Yeh jo tuh rahta hai, lest you slapped your girlfriend. Listen, this is his choice. Upset is with you Who gave you the right that you slap a girl.

Now this behavior of Neha on Twitter is being strongly opposed. People are asking for advice on their relationship with Neha Dhupia. One user asked Neha, 'I have five girlfriends and for this, my girlfriend slapped me. Neha Dhupia, will you tell me that this is my choice?

So far, there has been no response from Neha Dhupia. The internet does not seem to calm down on Neha's response. Neha Dhupia is being seriously accused of discrimination. Now it will be a matter to see what Neha Dhupia says after getting such a harsh response on social media?