Did You Know The Fountain Pens are Not Allowed in Airplanes

Did You Know The Fountain Pens are Not Allowed in Airplanes

The Inks from a Fountain Pen Spill out when it is carried in an Airplane

There’s a preferred misconception that fountain pens and aircraft simply don't get along. Whilst fountain pens (and indeed most rollerballs) are more at risk of misbehaving in a very pressured environment, there are some painless steps you'll desire to minimize the likelihood of that crisp, white shirt looking like an artist’s smock once you walk through the arrivals terminal. Before we get to that, let’s observe the science behind it.

Why does it happen?

Typically, passenger airliners fly at an altitude approaching 40,000 feet. At this height the air is so severely lacking in oxygen than if you were to breathe it normally, you'd have approximately 12 seconds until you begin affected by disorientation and losing consciousness which can ultimately lead to death. in a very pen’s case, air will expand or contract counting on the change in pressure.

The cabin pressure of an aircraft at this height is that the equivalent of being at 7,500 feet which has quite a severe impact on the inside of your pen because it will still have the identical pressure it did at ground level. The result? an outsized collection of ink will gather near the nib/feed section of the pen whilst the expanding air will push the ink out.

Tips for Avoiding Leakage:

This issue can nearly always be avoided by ensuring your pen is stored (either in your shirt pocket or in your bag) with the nib held up-right. this suggests that when the air inside the pen matches the air outside of the pen, the nib and feed area will haven't any issues with the air re-entering.

Ensure your pen is totally empty (no ink to leak out) or completely full (no air trapped inside) when you’re traveling. don't try to use your pen on your flight’s ascent or descent, however, as this is often almost guaranteed to end in messy consequences.

Play it safe. Put your pens into a zipper-lock bag and carry them in your briefcase or carry-on. Keep your pocket pen in a very cigar tube. And always keep your pocket pens nib up. you must be fine.

Recent Solutions:

Platinum, the Japanese pen brand recently released a pen with a revolutionary ‘Slip and Seal’ functionality. In short, this airtight mechanism reduces moisture evaporation, meaning that the pen can choose long periods of your time without getting used and therefore the ink won’t dry out. The device will protect against leakage brought on by changes in air pressure, but remember: keep it stored nib-side up with a full cartridge/piston or keep it completely empty!