#5baje5minute | Indians Show Gratitude To Doctors, Workers By Claps, Ring Bells Across The Country

#5baje5minute | Indians Show Gratitude To Doctors, Workers By Clap, Ring Bells Across The Country

People come out on their terraces and balconies to clap, clang utensils and ring bells to express their gratitude to those providing essential services. #5baje5minute

A country stalked by an eerie silence came alive, suddenly, at 5pm. Sounds of clapping and beating utensils rang out of residential areas, houses, and high-rises, lifting the somber Sunday mood.

Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeals, citizens across the country came out of their homes and in their balconies, clapping, beating utensils and even ringing bells as a mark of solidarity with health officials and emergency workers who are working tirelessly in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Earlier, PM Modi rang a reminder to citizens. “Do remember, 5 PM this evening for 5 minutes... Be on your terraces, balconies or windows to express gratitude to all those who are working 24/7 so that our nation becomes free from COVID-19. #JantaCurfew,” he tweeted.

Indians, who avoided venturing out — as requested by Modi in a television address on Thursday — were prompt to take to social media. Videos and photos of people, including children, in their balconies and terraces, clapping and clanging utensils started doing the rounds. So much so that #5baje5minute and #claps became trending topics on Twitter.