Did You Know What's at the Bottom of the Ocean?

Did You Know What's at the Bottom of the Ocean?

At The Bottom of The Ocean, not even a fraction of sunlight reaches the depths. So no light, no plants.


>> The bottom of the ocean represents the thinnest part of the crust of the planet and therefore most prone to earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc.

>> Mountains, valleys, rivers, and beaches … each larger than their counterparts on the surface suggest that a full undiscovered planet.

>> The cold and dark means that except some rare organisms like sponges that are specially custom-made, much nothing is living at the bottom of the ocean.

Not many of us will say first-hand what the bottom of the ocean seems like. Fewer people are to the deepest part of the ocean than have walked on the surface of the moon. Our maps of the ground of the ocean are so much less detailed than those of the surface of the moon. Despite covering 71 of the surface of our planet, and being the seeming birthplace of all life, we all know amazingly very little regarding our oceans.

The bottom of the ocean is full of rare and distinctive species seen nowhere else. several of those look transcendental, and a few of the species that live here are still fully unknown to science. However, despite knowing this very little, what we've got learned, seen, and photographed is unimaginable.

In 1960, Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard traveled seven miles down, to the deepest part of the ocean, in search of answers. Their voyage pushed the boundaries of human endeavor however gave them only a glimpse of life on the seafloor. It’s thus tough about to the lowest of the ocean that for the most half, we've got to resort to causing remote-controlled vehicles as scouts.