What is that Irritating Number on Our TV Screen?

What is that Irritating Number on Our TV Screen?

Why We Get Usual Unnessesary Number While Watching TV Shows or LIVE Match?

When we are watches TV, an irritating number randomly appears on the screen which has in the type of 000-8769-1545-99. This number automatically appears and disappears on our screen.

It happens very often once we're watching our favorite shows, however, it's hardly noticeable. So not several people have thought to question it. however, the tiny strip of random numbers that seem on our TV screens from time to time truly contains a reason behind it!

The apparently random set of numbers 000-7868-9811-71 that appears in a corner of the tv screen are a part of anti-piracy measures taken by channels.

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The number you see on your screen is one that's generated randomly for your region using an algorithmic program by the channel. it's inserted into video streaming randomly points so that it cannot be taken down by using video process algorithms.

Different Numbers for Different Users

When we are watching TV is totally different for various users. you'll check it automatically. Next time when you are watching any program, then note the unique number that seems on your TV screen, currently raise your friend to check the same program in real-time to his TV and ask to notice the unique number that seems on his TV screen. 

What is that Irritating Number on Our TV Screen?

You'll see that each unique number that seems on the TV screen is totally different from each other. the explanation for this can be that individual unique numbers are created for various set-top boxes.

Reasons to Create a Unique Number

So if somebody tries to copy the video being broadcast either with a camera or a screen recording device, the 'random' number can then be a part of the copy.

Using this number, the media company will then catch the place of recording and find the people to blame for the pirated content.