What is The Meaning of X behind the Train? | LV Mark

What is The Meaning of X behind the Train? | LV Mark

Have you ever seen the last bogey of the train? 

Every day many people travel by train but had you observed the letter X on the last wagon once you are at the railway station?

What this implies and what’s the importance of that ‘X’ symbol?

The letter “X” is used during the morning whereas Red light below it's used to indicate during the night.

This mark is made so that the train workers will recognize that the entire train has gone. If a train passes by a station or signal cabin without the acceptable last vehicle indication, then it indicates that the train is in trouble.

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Also, it is known that the train is running without some wagons. It will simply alert the railway officers so that they can save from the accident.

What does the LV mark indicate?

A little board with ‘LV’ (black on yellow) is usually hooked up to the rear of the vehicle (it stands for the Last Vehicle). The last vehicle of a train is supposed to hold a red lamp at the rear.
Earlier, the need was just an oil lamp that was often missing or very feeble.

If a train has passed and also the workers don’t see the LV board, then it means the whole train has not come. During this situation, emergency action is started.


Thus, it's necessary to own this mark on the last bogie of every train. So don’t forget to observe this symbol on the last wagon from the next time you travel from the train.