Why Indian Railway Trains are Mostly Blue in Colour? |

Indian Railways has used a large style of liveries (paint/colour schemes) for its trains, though most of them is used just for the few special or “prestigious” trains.

Why Indian Railway Trains are Mostly Blue in Color? |

A dull maroon/rust colour was the irresistibly dominant normal for almost all trains except expresses and alternative special trains.

More recently, since the late 1990s, a navy blue paint theme (with a light blue band regarding the windows) has begun to look on a large variety of passengers coaches and should be considered the new standard livery for IR trains.

This blue livery has been used nearly without exception for all new air-braked stock apart from the Rajdhani and Shatabdi coaches. A variant blue livery consisting of navy blue with light blue strips on top of the windows is additionally used, mostly for coaches created by RCF. Very few liveries have been used systematically for specific trains.

Many trains had (and have) distinctive liveries; these are typically introduced seemingly on a commercial hoc basis and removed equally at random.

The exigencies of getting to share coaches and split up rakes additionally means that it's quite common to search out trains with coaches of varying paint schemes.