PEWDIEPIE Uploaded Last Video On YouTube | It's been real, but I'm out!

PEWDIEPIE Uploaded Last Video On YouTube | It's been real, but I'm out!

PEWDIEPIE is officially taking a break from YouTube.

Swedish YouTube star PEWDIEPIE has uploaded his "last video" on the video streaming platform.
PewDiePie's age is 30, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, found online fame with computer game commentaries and was at one purpose the world's highest-earning YouTuber. He had earlier told fans that he would be taking a break from creating videos.

"Early next year I will be away for a bit while. I will justify that later," he had said during a video post last year. "I wished to say it beforehand because I made up my mind. I'm tired. I am feeling very tired. I do not know if you can tell," PewDiePie had said.

On Wednesday, PewDiePie treated his 102 million followers to what he called his final video on YouTube - titled 'It's been real, but I'm out!'

It's been real, but I'm out!

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"Truth is, I do not need to go on break. Truth is, I really like creating videos. I simply feel like I want to do this," he says in the 17-minute video.

News of his departure left fans heartbroken. many took to Twitter to share their disappointment and wish PewDiePie luck.

Last year, PewDiePie was overtaken as the biggest YouTube channel in the world by Bollywood record label T-Series, which currently has quite 121 million subscribers.

Disney cut ties with him in 2017 after some videos he released were found to contain Nazi references or anti-Semitic imagery.

He accepted the material was offensive but stressed that he didn't support "any kind of hateful attitudes".

Later in 2017, he apologized for victimization the N-word throughout a live stream. In 2018, he apologized once more for reposting a meme that seemed to mock singer Demi Lovato's hospital treatment for a suspected drug overdose.