‘पूरे देश को गाली सिखाने वाला देशभक्ति की बातें कर रहा..’ | Bhuvan Bam's Tweet of Shame, Trolled By Some People

Bhuvan Bam Tweet : In the tweet, Bhuvan also talked about getting threats to kill. Wrote - I was threatened for a tweet on the phone that 'Kaat Denge Tujhe'. What would a middle class child without security do? Kept quiet.

‘पूरे देश को गाली सिखाने वाला देशभक्ति की बातें कर रहा..’ | Bhuvan Bam's tweet of shame, heavy troll

Violence erupted in JNU late Sunday in which some masked men entered the campus and attacked students and teachers.

Now not only are people gathering on the streets about this attack, but it is being fiercely opposed on social media as well. YouTube's most famous entertainer, Bhuvan Bam, also tweeted about the attack and stated his stand.

But after his tweet, some people cracked down on him and wrote that today the person teaching abuses to the whole country is talking about patriotism.

Bhuvan Bam also gave many answers to the people. In a series of tweets, one has been told that he also received threats to kill him. Bhuvan Bam wrote- When I tweet, people ask which party has got the money? Money? Brother, I have nothing to do with politics. I am 25 years old. I want to brighten the name of the country with my work. I want peace and peace in the country like every citizen.

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After this tweet of Bhuvan, people targeted him only. A user named @iamVaridha wrote -

कैसे नाम रोशन करोगे भुवन? पूरे देश के यूथ को **** बोलना सिखा कर, उन्हें ये एहसास दिला कर कि ये वर्ड कूल है।

However, many people are also supporting Bhuvan's tweet. People are praising his life.