BB Ki Vines or Amit Bhadana | Who is The Best?

BB Ki Vines or Amit Bhadana | Who is The Best?

Bhuvan Bam or Amit Bhadana is always a big controversy nowadays. 

Youtube is a great platform to showcase never seen before talent and skills. Thanks to the internet, the popularity of youtube in India has grown to a major extent. Basically, both have their own different class of comedy but their common genre is Vines. Everyone has their own opinion. You can't tell certainly that who is better or who is best. Both the guys are hard working.

Why is BB Ki Vines (Bhuvan Bam) So Popular?

Bhuvan Bam is known for his YouTube comedy channel BB Ki Vines. BB ki vines is so popular in spite of using foul languages because it is more what related to real-life where peoples enjoy talking much better in a foul language other than in simple language.

He takes a simple life incident of a common man and presents it in a very funny way and what makes it even more humorous is the names he uses like Bancho, Sameer Fuddi, Hola, etc and the Catchphrases which he uses like Had ho Gayi bhencho.., maakichu....sounds very funny.

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Why is Amit Bhadana So Pupolar?

Amit is more trending because if the style and language. Every one has JIO nowadays, and the majority of people live in villages. Villages people connect with Amit Bhadana because of his desi style and narration.

Amit Bhadana is known for his different kinda sense of humor, his desi style, and his highly relatable topics. Amit Bhadana knew it already that same kinda lame jokes would not work and we agree. Amit Bhadana is different and very funny. Amit Bhadana is the king of the desi style. The characters he plays are all about the desi swag!

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