Did You Know Indians use Smartphones 75 hours a year !

India is a country where most people spend many hours a day on mobile. One of the reasons is the cheap internet data available. This has recently surfaced in vivo and cyber media research that people in India spend more than 25 hours a year on mobile. That is, it consumes approximately five to six hours of video, song and chatting. The research company interacted with two thousand people, of which 64% were men and 36% were women.

Three out of every five people think that leaving a smartphone or using the Internet can make them happier.

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Research says that about 41% of users in a changing lifestyle are beginning to get a smartphone before schooling is completed. Half of the research participants admitted that they had never thought about living without social media or the Internet.

Almost every user admitted that they liked virtual conversion with family or friends but that was not possible.