Who Came First EGG or CHICKEN ??

So finally Answer is here !!! Who came first, EGG or CHICKEN ?

Who Came First EGG or CHICKEN ??

Which came initial, the chicken or the egg? The egg, no, the chicken, no, the egg, no, the chicken. It's enough to create your head spin right off your neck. We've all been through the logic; most folks find yourself at a similar place. But the answer is Chicken.

In Details

Scientist finally concluded that the chicken came first due to an accidental genetic mutation, not the egg. Because the protein which makes egg shell is produced by hens.

Other reason is, an infinite chain of causes demands a foundational cause, and for St. Thomas, that foundation is God. In keeping with Genesis, God created animals 1st, that the chicken came 1st.

Where Did Chicken Come from originally ?

Gallus gallus may be a domesticated chicken-like bird (thus, the name "chicken") that originates in geographical area. Ever since Darwin we've far-famed that the chicken originated in geographical area, though the precise details of that one or a lot of of many attainable jungle fowls is that the primal kind has been debated.