NASA's stunning brand-new comfier spacesuit for the Artemis 3 mission?

Nasa is always in limelight for their new projects and their employees. Before it, no one wore this kind of spacesuit.

Finally, NASA disclose their new spacesuit and information, on how this protects the life of astronaut and give information about its, new redesign and is it worth it or not?

This outfit is totally different from than which was worn by Neil Armstrong and his fellow Apollo astronauts a half-century ago.

Which one is really old fashion and now everyone wants the latest design in all, For that reason, fortunately, they get different looks. That one totally looks changing.

 Lunar haute couture is called different and comfortable for both men and women in all seasons. this is a new and interesting design.

Nasa’s latest outfit is designed by the Texas-based commercial space company Axiom Space.

That also operates on many space missions.

This one is in black colour with accents of blue and orange colour. New Space costume helps them in exploring the lunar poles.

The new spacesuit featured many upgrades and changes which are noticeable as new technical innovations for life-supporting systems.

The suit is made by a restraint layer that holds the shape of the bladder layer, which consists of an inner bladder layer that holds pressurized air in, as per Axiom deputy program manager for Extravehicular Activity, Russel Ralston.