Nintendo Switch is the best video game console

Nintendo Switch is a perfect handy video-game console, which seems to be a perfect device to stream your kid’s favorite show. Therefore, you would keen to know whether you can install famous streaming services in the Nintendo switch and start streaming. 

Portability, excellent first-party games, family-friendly features, and access to many classic games through Nintendo Switch Online all make the Switch a console that punches above its weight.

Moreover, to the Switch itself and the controllers, the basic set includes a controller dock for combining the two Joy-Cons into one full-sized controller, a dock for connecting it to your TV, and the accompanying cables needed for everything.

The console is relatively small, almost unbelievably so, making it highly portable. On the device, there are two small stereo speakers near the bottom of the screen and one USB-C port for charging or connecting to the dock. At the rear, there are two more slots for cooling and a kickstand that also hides the Switch’s microSD slot for expanding storage.

The kickstand is perhaps the biggest weakness of the console’s build, being somewhat flimsy and lacking any way to adjust the angle. The top of the Switch hosts a power button, volume control, vent, 3.5mm jack for headphones or mics, and a game card slot..

The main appeal of the Nintendo Switch is its ability to change form. It can be used as a traditional home console, where it is connected to a monitor or television, or it can be used as a portable handy system. 

This allows the Switch to target two markets simultaneously. Nintendo has a lot of wins in its history, but it’s not undefeated. The too-much-too-soon Wii U was a huge miss in 2012. 

It racked up less than 15 percent of the sales of its predecessor, the Wii. The Switch came quickly, only five years after the Wii U, and reversed Nintendo’s fortunes, with roughly 85 million units sold to date.

If you decide to get a standard Switch, the set-up is very simple. Connect the dock to your television via HDMI cable and plug it in with the included USB-C cable and AC adapter. Slide the screen into the open space in the dock and use the JoyCons as wireless remote controls for the menu system.

The JoyCons have motion control capabilities even better than the Wii’s remotes and are relatively intuitive. As mentioned above, the maximum output of the Switch is 1080px.