Horoscope Today August 3, 2022


Your health horoscope for today indicates that your health will need attention and you might be feeling too weak to focus on work. You need to eat well and get some rest. Your eyes will be sensitive in the second half of the day. If there is a sacred site that you feel called to visit, consider this as a green flag to plan a getaway. 


You’re feeling like the belle of the ball and you’re thriving on all the attention you’re receiving at this moment. Here’s the thing, though: your suitors may or may not understand that you’re merely playing along for the sake of playing along. Your family life will need attention as there can be friction to sort out with your partner. Social life will be fun by the end of the day.


On the work front, your day will be slow today due to stuck paperwork, but clarity about new work will come through. Channelize your creative energies. Your family life will be stable today, with minor issues stemming from the past.


You have been feeling rather low and disturbed because of which your work has been suffering. Sometimes you need to align your priorities and give it your best. Your family members will be supportive and help you make the right decisions. Expect to reconnect with your friends from the past today. Avoid bickering over money matters with your partner. Your social life will be stable.


On the work front, your day will be chaotic today with delays, cancellations from clients or staff. You might want to restructure the responsibility you delegate to people. It’s time to balance the scales of justice and to ask for what you need in order to feel safe. Remember, how you approach the given matter is as important as the appeal you will be making. 


This will help you realise all the ways in which you have been betraying yourself, beautiful. The good thing is, it’s not too late. It’s not too late to reaffirm your boundaries and ask for what *you* need in order to feel safe.


Your family life will be a focal point as you meet distant family after a long time. Social life will be slow. If you are single, you will enjoy attention through people from the past. your health predictions for today indicate that you will be in good health. 


Your family life will need attention due to other people going through their own set of problems. Social life won’t be a priority today even though you may have obligations to attend. Trust that things continue to blossom as you move forward and onwards, Scorpio.


Avoid unnecessary medicines and instead, try out some stretching exercises or get a massage. You need to plan your day well. While everything around you will be smooth, because of you not being organised you may land up confusing people around you. 


Avoid friction with your family members today. Don’t bring back past situations as you might regret it later. Social life will be hectic due to some last minute plans. May you no longer resonate with the idea of getting inebriated to a point where everything starts to feel blurry. 


To return to the present moment by focusing on your body and breath. Working with a yoga teacher or a meditation/mindfulness coach is highly recommended at this moment. If anxiety has been an ongoing issue for you, speak to a therapist, a friend or mentor you trust. 


Today is going to be a balanced day where everything will be ironed out and graceful for you. Just take care of your health. If you are prone to migraine, vertigo or sinus, it could act up today. Don’t be persistent to the point that you come across as desperate.