How to get the Spider-Man Zero skin in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Spider-Man is no stranger to Fortnite. The web-slinging superhero previously headlined Chapter 3 Season 1, and even the MCU version of the character featured in Spider-Man: No Way Home made his way into the battle royale. As Chapter 3 Season 3 gets underway, it appears that a new Spider-Man variant will board the Battle Bus: Spider-Man Zero.

The Spider-Man Zero Skin is the first of a few different in-game cosmetic items set to appear, alongside a Wolverine pickaxe, Iron Man wrap, and more.

The only way to get the Spider-Man Zero Skin is by purchasing a physical first-print edition issue #1 of Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War. 

Those who purchased this first edition issue will receive a code that can be claimed via the Epic Games store's Fortnite section. Unlike the Darth Vader Skin in Fortnite, the Spider-Man Zero Skin cannot be unlocked in-game by spending Battle Stars. Players who have missed out on purchasing the physical copy of the comic will have the opportunity to get the outfit at a later date that, for now, is unknown.

Here is a step-by-step guide to claiming the Fortnite cosmatic item included with each fortnight x marvel 

1. Visit

2. Sign in to your Epic Games account by using the correct account where you want the cosmetic items.

3. Paste the code into the “ENTER ACCESS CODE” box.

4. Select “REDEEM.”

5. Verify the cosmetic item for redeeming and select “ACTIVATE.”

6. Now Launch your Fortnite app by using the same Epic Games account.

7. Upon loading in, you will receive a gift box showing your unlocked item. You can select “EQUIP” or “CLAIM” to close. The item will then be available in your Locker.