Hotel that never lands' : Demo of Sky Cruise with guest capacity of 5,000

The sky cruise will include  entertainment deck, a shopping mall, sports centers, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, cinemas and swimming pools, wedding halls, and meeting halls. 

The AI-piloted Sky Cruise will remain airborne for several days or even months. It is designed in a way in which it will never land. The cruise will be powered by 20 nuclear fusion engines. Passengers will be picked up and dropped off from their respective destinations. Repair and other maintenance will also be carried out when the Sky Cruise is in the air.

According to the creator, the aircraft is regarded as the ‘future of transport’. In a report, Al-Ghaili said,” All this technology and you still want pilots? I believe it will be fully autonomous.”

The plane will have a vault that will offer guests a 360 view of the sky.The floating paradise will also have luxurious guest rooms for people to relax and rejuvenate. 

The aircraft features a 360-degree view of the sky, an entertainment deck, a shopping mall, sports center, restaurant, bar, playground, cinema, wedding hall, swimming pools, meeting hall and everything. For all occasions, the aircraft has everything ready and sorted.

The aircraft will require plenty of staff to look after things. The launch date of this Sky Cruise is yet to be announced.