Whats is home automation using android? Know everything about the home automation

This project helps to control the electrical loads with the help of android application. The electrical loads are controlled based on Bluetooth input signal. This input signal is received from the android device. Many times it becomes too tiring to operate the electrical switches manually every now and then.

Best home automation systems at a glance:

Amazon Echo.

Google Nest Hub.

Wink Hub 2.

Samsung SmartThings.

Apple HomeKit.

⭐Implementation of home automation depends on the type of controls like wired or wireless. There are mainly three types of home automation systems:

Power line Based Home Automation

Wired or BUS Cable Home Automation

Wireless Home Automation

⭐Which device is used for home automation?

The controllers or the hub as we refer to is the heart of the Home Automation system. All the sensors of your Home Automation system communicate with the controllers over several wireless protocols like the ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave etc.

There are three main elements of a home automation system: sensors, controllers, and actuators.

⭐Home automation systems offer a variety of services and functions. Some of the more common features available through these platforms include:

Fire and carbon monoxide monitoring

Remote lighting control

Thermostat control

Appliance control

Home automation security systems and cameras

Live video surveillance

Alarm systems

Real-time text and email alerts

Digital personal assistant integration

Keyless entry

Voice-activated control