Jurassic World Experience: Chennai To Host Exciting Dinosaur Festival in june


Dates : 10th to 19th June 2022
Location :  Chamshen Pologround in Chennai

The festival, a Dinosaur Festival India initiative, has already been hosted in Delhi in the past, and next on the list, encashing summer vacations for children, is Chennai.

According to reports, the exhibition will provide a Jurassic World-like experience to its visitors, complete with life-sized replicas of the creatures that roamed the Earth (and India) over 65 million years ago. 

What’s more, the exhibition will focus on the dinosaur species that were found in India, and help people understand the prehistoric creatures better.

The Dinosaur Festival festival will also be a learning experience for visitors, who will be able to find out more about the popular species of giant creatures, such as the 20 metre Brachiosaurus, 15 metre Tyrannosaurus Rex and the 10 meter Triceratops, among others. 

Activities for kids will include fossil excavation, jumping castles and photo sessions with the dinosaur replicas, and there’s free entry for public schools in and around Chennai on Friday and Monday, media reports add.

Mumbai’s dinosaur fans can have the Jurassic World Experience from 19th August 2022 to 30th September 2022, at the Phonix Market City Mumbai, Dublin Square, Kurla West.