$2.5 million luxury water limousine used to ferry VIP passengers between their superyachts and the shore

  •  $2.5 million tender that's used to ferry people between superyachts and the shore.
  • The tender is narrow and has a low ceiling so it can be stored on large yachts and ships.
  • Miss Wonderly is fitted with a hybrid engine which costs $311,000 more than a diesel engine version.

The 10.6 meter-long Miss Wonderly, built by UK manufacturer Falcon Tenders, was the smallest vessel at a luxury yacht event in central London last week.

Miss Wonderly has a price tag of just under £2 million ($2.5 million), Falcon Tenders CEO Mark Pascoe told Insider.

The vessel is used as a tender to ferry owners, passengers, and VIPs between the shore and their superyacht, Pascoe said, and offers the "smoothest, quietest, driest luxurious ride possible."

The tender is designed for very short trips, with the primary purpose of moving passengers between ship and shore. "That's all it is, it's a dinghy," one worker on the boat said.

Miss Wonderly is narrow and has a low ceiling so it's easier to stow on ships and large yachts. Pascoe said it would be suitable for superyachts of over 80 meters in length.

The tender's battery can power the boat at up to eight knots for an hour – that's around 10 miles. Then the diesel engine kicks in.

Pascoe said the price difference between the hybrid and diesel models is around £250,000 ($311,000). The starting price for a diesel model starts at £1.4 million ($1.7 million), he added.

Towards the end of the London showcase, Miss Wonderly cruised down the Thames river in central London.