10 things you should know about yourself

We’re all struggling with breakthroughs, maybe you feel stuck, maybe you think things aren’t changing fast enough or feel overwhelmed and stressed all the time. Honestly, all these feelings are the result of a mismanagement of self.

You can’t make the world better, until you make yourself better!

Which is why, today we’ll be focusing on YOU.

1. What you love learning about
If you’ve ever wondered what subjects or topics truly interest you, spend some time analyzing what kinds of things you love researching on the internet or reading about in books. This will give you a clear indication of what things spark your creative energy and fuel your inner fire.

2. What your passion is
What can you do for hours and not notice time flying by? What gets you blood flowing just a tiny bit faster? What ignites a flame inside of you when you see other people doing?That’s you passion! Believe it or not, people go through life without ever asking themselves: What am i really passionate about?

3. What makes you happy
What brings a genuine smile to your face? What makes you beam with joy? Knowing what makes you happy will ensure you do more of what you want and like in life.

4. What annoys you
Whether you can’t stand when people bite their fingernails or loathe name-dropping, it’s important to know what things drive you absolutely batty so you can learn to avoid or cope with stressful and antagonizing situations.

5. When you need to say no
Everyone has boundaries, whether that’s someone physically touching them or a literal limit to their energy. Knowing yours will empower you to protect yourself from harmful, negative, or uncomfortable situations.

6. What you want to do in your life
Everyone has a different wish list for what they want their life to look like. Some want to travel while others want to settle down and have a family. Life is short so make it as sweet as possible by honing in on what will make you happiest. Dream big and live large!

7. How you act with different groups of people
Some say their personality is the same at work as it is in a family situation, but that’s never really true. People tend to express themselves differently depending on the group they’re with or the activity they’re doing. Honing in on how you change your behaviour will help you figure out who you’re most comfortable with and how you can bring your personality into alignment so you’re more authentically “you” everywhere.

8. How you give and receive love
Researchers believe there are five love languages and each describes how a person gives and receives love. The languages, created by Dr. Gary Chapman, include: acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Figuring out which category you fall into will help you navigate relationships and set you up for communication success.

9. What you value most
Values are those things you believe in that determine how you live and work. They help you figure out your priorities and likely how you measure success and happiness. When your life matches your priorities, you tend to feel better about situations and circumstances. You should have a solid grasp on what you value most.

10. How you respond to stress
When a stressful situation creeps up on you, do you run and hide under a blanket or do you burn yourself out by becoming hyper-productive? Knowing how you respond to a stressful situation will allow you to create healthier coping mechanisms and habits to keep you calm.