This game is so beautiful if you have computer.


Raid Shadow Legends is a freemium mobile game developed and published by Israeli game developer Plarium Games.

Raid: Shadow Legends is a fantasy-themed, turn-based role-playing gacha game. The game's story takes place in the fictional realm of Teleria, which has been subjugated by the Dark Lord Siroth.

Players take the role of an ancient Telerian warrior resurrected to defeat the Dark Lord and restore peace and harmony to the territory. 

The game consists primarily of story-driven single-player campaign with twelve levels, each level made up of seven stages with three levels of difficulty.

The single-player campaign is interconnected with a multiplayer component, the Arena, to decide player rankings. Players can also join Clans, through which members fight a Clan Boss together, which brings advanced rewards.

One of the main objectives of Raid is to unlock and upgrade your Champions while collecting artifacts to further your Champions' fighting ability.

In terms of game file size, you will need at least 5 GB available for Raid Shadow Legends PC download.

🎮 Is Raid Shadow Legends pay to win?

It would appear that the developers at Raid: Shadow legends are making the game freer to play. However, that does not mean the game is not pay to win and in fact, if you started playing the game today and were free to play, you will never catch up with the pay to win players at the top of the game.

Shadow Legends wouldn't be a proper collectible squad-based battle MMORPG without something to collect, right? That's where its more than 300 Champions come into play.

🎮 Raid Shadow Legends: The Best Legendary Champions:

1 Turvold: The Bladed Barbarian.

2 Lyssandra: The Support Warrior.

3 Dracomorph.

4 Nethril: The Undead Warrior.

5 Kyoku.

6 Martyr: Teleria's Best Defensive Warrior.

7 Bad-el-Kazar: The Dark Undead Warrior.

8 Arbiter.