Here's everything you need to know About Twitter's New vibe check feature!

Twitter is in the midst of creating an interesting ‘Vibe Check’ feature and that means it won’t be too long before we can see user statuses popping up on the platform.

Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that allows users to set a status, codenamed “Vibe.” The possible feature was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher and reverse engineer with a track record of spoiling upcoming app updates.

Screenshots shared by Wong show a “Set a status” field above the tweet composer box. A dropdown list has five pre-set vibes, none of which sound that fun, including “shopping grocery” and “driving highway.” It’s unclear if statuses will be limited to presets or if users will be able to add custom updates beyond what Twitter creates.

There is no definite news on whether or not Twitter users would be able to customize the status updates or resort to predesigned ones. But whatever the case may be, many people feel this was a long time coming for the app.

Similarly, it’s not yet confirmed if the feature will be made available to all or only the exclusive blue subscribers. But with the exciting ‘Edit Button’ soon to be launched, users are loving the news.