Can you grow plants without soil? SpaceX Crew 4 astronauts will grow plants in space without soil, know how

Cygnus spacecraft, which is carrying a fresh supply of 8,300 pounds of scientific investigations and cargo, has reached International Space Station on Monday, less than two days after it was launched. NASA informed that supplies also carry ingredients for experiments to grow plants without soil. 

The scientists, who are a part of Crew-4 of SpaceX, will be conducting several experiments in space, including an attempt to grow plants without soil. This experiment is already underway by the Crew-3 team, and Crew-4 will be continuing the research. (Photo – NASA)

According to NASA, the four-member team of scientists will be conducting a series of experiments including hydroponic (liquid-based) and aeroponic (air-based) techniques to grow plants without soil. The experiment has been named XROOTS. (Photo – NASA)

Crew-4 will also be involved with the Protein-Based Artificial Retina Manufacturing experiment that aims at evaluating a manufacturing process to develop artificial human retinas using a light-activated protein called bacteriorhodopsin, which could replace the function of damaged light-sensing cells in the eye. If tested successfully, this could lead to millions on Earth getting vision using AI.

The experiments on board the flying outpost are set to enhance human understanding and not just create the technology for tomorrow but aid humans on Earth as well.