Why We Are Tickled At The Touch Of Others?

Why We Are Tickled At The Touch Of Others?

No matter how hard a person tries, he cannot tickle himself and at the touch of others, he laughs and laughs

Often children have to tickle to laugh. Children and even big ones, laugh at the tickling when they tickle. All this is due to hormones and sensitivity in the body. Numerous individuals get giggled at thinking of tickling. Sometimes laughter starts even before being tickled. Research has shown that the part of mice that is activated when it is tickled becomes active immediately before tickling. That is why we still laugh.

Why we laugh when someone tickles us?

Actually tickling is caused by some hormones and sensitivity in our body. Many times one feels a tickle without even touching it. Actually, the outermost layer of our skin called the epidermis is connected to many veins and in such a situation, when someone touches our skin, its message goes to our brain which analyzes this touch.

Scientific Reason behind tickling 

Scientists believe that there are two ways to tickle, one is semiosis and the other is gargalesis. When nemesis is lightly touched on the body or rubbed with something thin, the skin of that place sends a message to the brain and it causes a slight itching sensation on the skin, whereas in Gargalesis with fingers on the stomach, armpit, or throat Touching laughter is missed.

According to scientists, on tickling, that part of the brain is activated due to which the person experiences pain and that is why the brain makes the person alert before tickling. This is the reason that when a person is very angry, at that time the person feels less of a tickle and does not laugh.

Neuroscientist Mishael Bresht stated, "The body doesn't respond when moved without help from anyone else. So it is simply similar when tickling. The reaction is the same when touched by mice and humans. When we are tickled by ourselves, our brain is already prepared for this, so does not react like being tickled by others."


Each individual's body is touchy to tickling in different places. So when whenever somebody stimulates you, hold your giggle. This won't tell the other individual where you are tickled the most. In such a circumstance, he should endeavor to find that spot and you will be spared from getting disturbed.