How much Gold is inside the Earth? | Gold in India 2021

How much Gold is inside the Earth? | Gold in India 2021


Around 200 million years ago, when the planets were forming and there was a huge upheaval in the universe, the Earth was a body of molten minerals that was burning with the heat created by the colliding of planetary-shaped celestial bodies. These extraordinary collisions probably caused the moon to bounce off the earth.

With this, billions of tons of molten gold and platinum permeated the centre of the Earth and became part of its core. This reservoir of gold and platinum was so huge that it could completely cover the earth with a sheet of four meters thick. After this, this store of this precious metal remained in the womb of the earth far away from human reach.

How much gold is present on EARTH'S CORE

This reservoir of  Gold can be found in the galaxy NGC 4994, which is 130 to 140 light-years away from Earth. That is, there was a collision between neutron stars from 13 to 14 million years ago. It is a different matter that a few years back the scientists noticed it. Some will be able to guess how much gold is there in Galaxy NGC 4994 as compared to gold found on Earth? It is claimed that so far extracted from mines on earth can be kept.

Scientists have divided the internal structure of the Earth into three layers. The uppermost crust, the medial part mantle, and the most internal or deepest place core. According to Jose Maria Gonzalez Jimenez of the University of Grenada, the minerals that play an important role in our economy meet us at the topmost crust of the earth. Although we take full advantage of them, little is known about their origins. Its discovery inspires explorers to move from one place to another, even fighting for it, but its origin remains a question to this day.

How Gold was discovered from EARTH'S CORE

Three researchers studied ancient rocks under the leadership of Professor Matthias Wilbold of Britain's Bristol University to examine its veracity. The rocks of Greenland formed in their shape when they formed the core of the Earth and before the comet bombardment. Using modern technology, these people measured the isotopic composition of tungsten. Tungsten gold is an element similar to other heavy and precious elements. During the construction of the earth's core, this element also got deposited in the centre due to gravity. The chemical structure of atoms may remain the same, but the number of neutrons in them can be different and this is how the weight of the atom is determined. These are called isotopes. Different isotopes can give information about the origin and age of that mineral.


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