YouTubers VS Tiktokers | Amir Siddiqui Says "Sorry" | Angry Prash, Flying Beast, RawKnee Reply

YouTubers VS Tiktokers | Amir Siddiqui Says "Sorry" | Angry Prash, Flying Beast, RawKnee Reply

CarryMinati posted a story and announced his new video on Tiktok.

There is an account of CarryMinati in Tiktok, in which CarryMinati has posted a video with the caption, "please support, boht mehnat Lagi he banane me" which you can see below;

@carryminati pls support bohot mehnat lagi hai banane mein πŸ™
♬ original sound - carryminati

So let me tell you the opinion of other YouTubers. First of all talk about Hrash Beniwal, so recently someone commented on harsh Beniwal's post that, "Bhai sab youtube TikTok ki maar Raha hai tu kab marega". Replying to him he said that, "Barbad ko or Kitana barbad Karna?"

Nest Angry Prash tweeted on his tweeter account that, "Roasting is a genre where some people are allowed to make fun of other people, the person who is getting roasted is capable enough to have sportsmanship, laugh, take it as a pure comedy and roast should be on the particular person not on their body and their family." and also said that, "Also gaali Dena is a part of roasting, It's creator not platform." And today he tweeted, "YouTube VS Tiktok, Today. Editing is taking longer time, and also aaj not slept ye" SO basically Angry Prash said that roasting is not bad and abusing is a part of it. But that roast should be on that particular person not on their body and not on their family.

So now let's talk about Flying Beast. Flying beast made a video on YouTube VS TikTok topic, in which he and his wife tried to give a mature opinion towards this whole drama. You can watch the video below;

RawKnee also announced on his live stream that he is making his next video which will be on Tiktok. And about a day before this live stream, he uploaded this to the story on Instagram that, "Aww TikTok."

So now let's talk about Amir Siddiqui, he finally said sorry. He said in his Instagram story that, "taking my Igtv Video down, because both hate spread hora hai and I am not kind of a person to spread hate and satisfy my ego try so much for all the love and support. mere Taraf se subko sorry bus don't spread hate for both the platforms support each other love you all. Youtube and Tiktok ke bich sub religion like agate spread peace love and humanity. I support all religion. If my one sorry can stop this hate for Tiktok toh my sorry guys dil halka ho gaya. Sabki respect karo koi bada nai koi chota nai hai. Sab mehnat karre hai sabke much sapne hai. ak dusre ko support karo and lets make India proud rather than fighting apsa main. Sorry bolne se me chota nai ho jaunga bus may kisiko gaali nai de sakta hu baki chehre air alfaaz sub yaad hai jawaab dunga apne kaam se #teamnawab. THE END."

YouTubers VS Tiktokers | Amir Siddiqui Says "Sorry" | Angry Prash, Flying Beast, RawKnee Reply

So I think that this one was his final thing towards this whole YouTube VS Tiktok drama. So now it is to see whether all the other YouTubers will reply to this thing or not, according to me, one of Amir's Sorry has changed the whole atmosphere, so what is your opinion, please tell me in the comment section.

Reference Video: Neon Man