What To Do If A Ghost Gets Close To You?

What To Do If A Ghost Gets Close To You?

Have you seen a ghost?

During the fall we spend more and more time in darkness, and there is eerie, otherworldly energy. If you’ve been feeling a bit haunted lately, it may not be because your ex is texting you (though that probably doesn’t help). The spirit world is activated in October, so if you’ve been wondering whether there’s an otherworldly presence in your home, this is the perfect time to find out.

Autumn is the season when the cycle of life takes a symbolic turn towards endings. It’s no surprise that Halloween, Samhain, and Dia De Muertos all occur on October 31: This date is that the halfway point between the autumn equinox and therefore the solstice. As we know from spell work, intersections serve as portals, and this seasonal threshold opens gates to other realms as the veils of the underworld grow thinner. Indeed, autumn may be a playground for both the living and therefore the dead.

Perhaps you've got been on ghost hunts or are a member of a ghost investigation group. But have you ever ever considered what you'd do if you ever really came face-to-face with a ghost? Or what you should do?

Take Pictures

If you've got a camera in hand, by all means, attempt to discreetly photograph the spirit. Even if it's just your telephone camera, get some shots. But use the best camera you have available.

Do not use the flash. The flash might wash out the figure of the spirit or cause unwanted reflections and glare. Without the flash, this may mean that you simply will need to hold the camera as perfectly still as you'll as you snap the image, especially in low-light situations, to avoid blurring. Yes, your hands could be shaking, but do your absolute best.

Take as many shots as you can while the apparition is visible. Also, take some shots after the ghost has disappeared for comparison purposes.

If you've got a video recorder, either a camcorder or as a function of your telephone, that's even better. Getting movement and sound would be great evidence!

Record Some Audio

If you do not have video, a minimum of attempt to get some audio. If you've got a voice recorder, turn it on. Many cell phones even have a recording function or app that you simply can turn on.

There are two reasons for doing this:
  1. You want to document your attempted communication with the spirit.
  2. You might a minimum of getting an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) from it. Even though you would possibly not hear anything at the time of the recording, you would possibly hear something on the recording once you review it later.

Call Others In

If you're alone but there are others nearby, in an adjacent room perhaps, calmly call them in. This will help confirm what you are experiencing. More witnesses to an occasion this extraordinary are better than one.

Again, be calm. Don't shout. And prepare them for what they will (hopefully) see; you don't want them freaking out and getting all hysterical. Keep them all calm and respectful. You want this to be a special, even reverent experience for all involved.

Having more people as personal witnesses also will mean that they will additionally document the experience with their cameras and recorders. The more documentation, the better.

Wait It Out

Simply see what happens. The spirit could be visible for just a couple of seconds or, if you're lucky, for a moment or more.

Do not leave while the apparition remains visible — not even to fetch somebody else . Watch it. Take note of what it does and the way it reacts. Even if it disappears, wait around for touch while. Perhaps it will return.

Document It

Documenting this remarkable experience is important. Even if you've got taken pictures, captured video and recorded audio, you ought to also make a written record. It will be important and interesting to see how your personal experience differs from the recorded experience.

Your written notes should include:
  • Where it happened (as specific as possible)
  • When it happened - date and time
  • Environmental factors - What was the weather, albeit you were inside
  • The duration of the event
  • What the apparition seemed like, again being as specific as possible, without embellishment:
  • Male or female
  • Estimated age
  • Height
  • Posture - Standing? Sitting?
  • Race, the color of hair and other personal attributes, if discernable
  • Type and color of clothes
  • Facial expressions
  • Full-bodied or partial apparition
  • Other elements - Did it have a cane? Umbrella? Pipe? 
  • Its movements - Was it stationary or did it move about?
  • Where did it go? Did it simply vanish or did it move out of the room? Did it appear to walk or simply float?
  • Did it try to communicate? What did it say? Or what were the impressions or feelings you bought from it?
Be as detailed as you'll together with your descriptions, and be completely honest. Encourage the other witnesses to try to an equivalent so that you'll compare notes.


It has been noted that ghost phenomena — whether or not they are residual or intelligent hauntings — tend to recur. So return to the spot where you encountered the ghost. Try to make it at an equivalent time of day and under similar circumstances.

Perhaps you'll get lucky a second time. This time, however, you'll be more prepared together with your cameras and other equipment. There is no guarantee, of course, that the spirit will re-appear. These phenomena seem to happen where and once they want to. But now a minimum of you'll know what to try to if you see a ghost.