Carryminati New Video | Filmfare Roast Video

Carryminati New Video | Filmfare Roast Video

"Toh Kese He Aap Log?"

These words are the telltale signs that Carry Minati’s voice goes to play and for successive six to eight minutes, we'll view the globe from his quirky perspective.

Ajey Nagar, aka Carry Minati, is simply a regular 20-year-old from Faridabad, who enjoys playing video games. Except for the easy undeniable fact that he’s earning money by simply adding commentary to video games’ recording and sharing it with people. The man’s a genius!

YouTube is free and anyone with a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection can upload whatever they want and people will watch it. Proof: JCBKiKhudai. People today will do anything to get famous. At least Carry Minati is adding some joy in our lives together with his unique variety of commentary.

Ajey Nagar uses him to alter ego Carry Minati to comment on everything from school trips to other YouTubers. Minati started making videos at the age of 8. He started out just like a school kid who liked playing video games with his friends and making them laugh by mimicking someone. Though he had many YouTube channels, he decided to focus on just one. And since then, he’s managed to secure a subscriber count of more than 7 million subscribers.

This part-gamer, the part stand-up comic is that the only Indian YouTuber who had the chance to collaborate with Tom Cruise. This is a feat in itself!

So what makes Carry Minati such successful together with his audience? Why are these YouTuber’s videos viewed and shared over 5 million times on an average?

Recently Ajey tweeted in his tweeter account that" New video will be coming soon!
I'm making this old style but will be adding some new elements. The topic is Filmfare so feel free to be offended."

Yesterday Ajey uploaded an Instagram story about his new video on Filmfare. Carryminati Instagram followers are 2.9 Million. So he is very near to cross 3 Million Instagram followers.