A Man Hacked Google Maps to Show Virtual Traffic | Google Maps Hack | Traffic Congestion

A Man Hacked Google Maps to Show Virtual Traffic | Google Maps Hack | Traffic Congestion

How A man in Germany "Hacked" the Google Map Web Site with a Red cart full of 99 Smartphones inflicting a "Virtual Traffic Congestion" on the location?

The man, Simon Weckert, an artist, began the "Google Map Hack" project once noticing traffic congestion on a Berlin street where a demonstration was happening many years ago although there were no cars on the road.

He later accomplished it was not the people however a large number of smartphones in one place that the much-used Google maps had picked up.

Weckert who focuses his work on the digital world clearly exposed a large chink in the Google map that is employed wide around the world.

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How Does Google Maps Show Traffic?

After his work, the story went viral on Social Media. Google voice said: "Traffic information in Google Maps is refreshed continuously due to information from a spread of sources, as well as aggregative anonymized information from those that have location services turned on and contributions from the Google Maps community."

"We’ve launched the flexibility to distinguish between cars and motorcycles in many countries as well as India, Indonesia and Egypt, although we haven’t quite cracked traveling by wagon. we appreciate seeing artistic uses of Google Maps like this because it helps us build maps work higher over time," it added.

Weckert used an easy technique to hack into Google's map, he would walk up and down the road along with his cart full of phones and once regarding an hour the Google map would show a red line on the map indicating that significant traffic had delayed cars on the road.