Why Steve Jobs didn't Have a License Plate? | Myth and Fact

Mystery Solved Why Steve Jobs didn't Have a License Plate in his Car.

Why Steve Jobs didn't Have a License Plate? | Myth and Fact | Solved Mystery

What do you know about Steve Jobs, the legendary co-founder of Apple, Who created one of the greatest gadgets of our time? Turns out, he was a man of mystery, and in the most literal sense of the word.

Just think about it, he'd been driving a car around silicon valley without a license plate for years on end! That meant breaking the law, which requires all passenger vehicles to have tags. Here is some myth behind this mystery.


For Privacy Purposes!

Well, some believed that he did it just because he could. Call it a rebellious spirit if you want. or maybe he wanted to protect his privacy by any means possible.

For Perfection!

Some even came up with the theory that it was the font on the plate that he didn't like. After all, he was a perfectionist in every way, so maybe he really thought an ugly plate would ruin his beautiful car. Whatever the cause, he managed to bend the rules over and over again. No wonder a bunch of theories about it emerged.

Special Arrangement With Police!

According to one of them, hr had some kind of arrangement with the local police, who granted him special rights to drive without a number on his Benz.

Paid Tickets (Charge) Every time!

Another said that he just paid the $250 ticket every time an officer stopped him. Some even said that it was all because of his fan, who stole his plates every time he put them on.


As it turned out, the real explanation was far sneakier than that. A few years back, California laws allowed people to drive with no plates for six months after busing a new car. So Jobs just made the most of this loophole.

First, he got a car, used it for half a year, and when the grace period was over, he replaced it with a new one. The interesting thing is that all this time he stayed true to one brand and model, the MERCEDES SL55 AMG. He even stuck to the same color, only purchasing silver ones. I guess the leasing company was pretty happy to have such a regular customer.

Why Steve Jobs didn't Have a License Plate? | Myth and Fact | Solved Mystery

Don't try to pull off a trick like that on your own, through. Since January 2019, car owners in California have to install temporary plates right away, just like in the other states. But driving anonymously wasn't the only strange quirk Jobs had.