Riva Mavi Leave Team Amit Bhadana ?? | Amit Bhadana & Ajay Devgn | BB Vines Big Project

Amit Bhadana Exposed by Riya Mavi !!

Who is Riya Mavi ?

Riya Mavi is an a Indian Model, Actress, Social media influencer and Blogger. She got the fame by showing in Amit Bhadana's YouTube Videos. She was born on 15 Nov 1997 in Muzaffarnagar, New Delhi, India. She has completed her education from NRAI college Of Mass Communication.

Why Riya Mavi leave Team Amit Bhadana ?

Riya Mavi was a part of team Amit Bhadana for a few years. After leaving Team Amit Bhadana she uploaded a QnA video in her channel and finally she gave answered why did she leave team Amit Bhadana.

A guy asked a question that "What happened between you and amit, what is the reason why you don't work with Amit Bhadana."

3 reason that she gave were: Respect, Individual Growth & Financial Growth

Basically, she didn't feel important in the team. In any Meetup or event she didn't get invited by the team, excluding one event at IIt Delhi two years ago. She feels pressurized that she is working with team Amit Bhadana and she is nothing without him.

She said that "she supported his channel to grow from 0 to 15 million." According to her, how much she supported in his channel, she didn't get back support for him. She worked 1.5 years with his channel without any money, totally free. She worked with his without any question, without any demand.

Watch Her Full Video : Click Here

Amit Bhadana Collaboration with Ajay Devgn !

Recently Amit Bhadana posted a photo in his Instagram account with Ajay Devgn. He announced a collaboration video with Ajay Devgn. He writes in the caption that "nice to work with Ajay sir, new video coming soon."

BB Ki Vines Announcement 

Many people asked Bhuvan that in December he uploaded only a single video. Watch below video for more;