Poland | Magical Bicycle Path | Charged by Sun

Poland builds Bicycle Paths Glow at Night Which is Charged by the Sun.

Poland | Magical Bicycle Path | Charged by Sun

How it's Work?

Poland will do some cool stuff. To with this cool bike path in a city known as Pruszk├│w. the path is created of a light-emitting material that charges within the sun and may glow for up to ten hours within the dark, bathing cyclists during a calming blue glow.

How it's Made?

The company that created it, TPA sp. z o.o is an engineering firm targeted on future tech. They expect this type of road to be helpful in larger comes – highways, say – except for currently, they’re limiting it to bikeways till they will check the fabric within the wild.

They said that this kind of path is also put in in Warsaw presently and that it can glow in multiple colors. The lane uses luminophores – chemicals that “Ingest” light – to stay the bike path nicely lit in the dark. They selected blue to “Match the Mazurian Landscape” where lakes abound.

You can read a bit more at Gazeta Wyborcza if your Polish isn’t too rusty otherwise you can simply enjoy the cold beauty of a glowing bike lane in deepest Poland.