Do You Know What Happens After Pulling Train Chain | Fine / Jail | Damage to Train ??

How will the train stop once someone pulls the chain?

Do you know what happens after pulling train chain?

The alarm chains area unit connected to the most brake pipe of a train. This brake pipe maintains a relentless gas pressure, serving to the train move smoothly. once the emergency chain is pulled, the air hold on within the brake pipe escapes, through a tiny low vent. The drop by gas pressure results in the speed down of the train. The loco pilot quickly notices this drop by the gas pressure and starts maneuvering the train. because the train runs on slim rails, therefore it can't be delivered to a unexpected standstill, as that would cause imbalance causing misadventure.

A train running at a speed of 110 km/hr would possibly stop fully among 3-4 minutes of the chain being force.

While the emergency flashers will reveal the coach wherever the chain pull occurred, it cannot tell who force the chain. The RPF personnel may be seen questioning the passengers to understand regarding the identity of chain puller.

Pulling the chain to delay the departure of a train for a traveller who is however not onboard may be a punishable offence.

Do you know what happens after pulling train chain?

The minimum penalty once proved guilty should not be less than a fine of inr 500 or imprisonment for 3 months conviction.

If the emergency chain is pulled while the train is in moving picture than there'll be no harm caused to the train. while on the contrary, if the chain is pulled while the train is running at high speed then there's a high chance of train misadventure.