PewDiePie Banned !!

The world’s biggest YouTuber doesn’t exist within the world’s most inhabited country any longer !

PewDiePie Banned !!

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is that the world’s largest freelance YouTube channel — however if you reside in China, you'll not get pleasure from the Swedish star’s content. Following a series of jokes referencing the metropolis protests, the PewDiePie channel currently seems to be expurgated.

The YouTuber declared his blacklisting in an exceedingly recent video, wherever he shows a screenshot of what happens if you search “PewDiePie” in China. Nothing comes up. this is often possible because of China’s reliance on an enormous police investigation and censorship program that's generally said because the “Great hearth Wall of China.”

“I’m laughing but, yeah, I’m sorry if you are in China and trying to watch my videos,” Kjellberg said in a video uploaded yesterday. “That kinda sucks.” Kjellberg also cracked jokes about the situation on Twitter, where he used the situation to plug a paid VPN service.

On Twitter, Chinese internet users confirm that they can’t see Kjellberg’s content under normal means, but re-uploads on other video sites still make it possible to view his videos.

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